Upgrade to Whatsapp Business with Voxcloud

So, you want to use Whatsapp for your business, but…

Keep your personal phone and it’s free!
Don’t want to buy / manage a second mobile phone!
Don’t want customers seeing your personal mobile number!
Don’t want to be made to work 24×7 with your phone buzzing all the time!

Whatsapp Business or Whatsapp?

Whatsapp Business Comparison Table

The Benefits Of Whatsapp and Voxcloud

Perfect Partners

With Whatsapp Business you can quickly and collectively respond to enquiries or support requests wherever you are, during hours that you control.

At Voxcloud, we believe that you should be able to effectively manage your business and staff without sacrificing your work / life balance. Something that is becoming increasingly hard to manage since we are now “always on”. Technology should work for you and your business, not against you!

Voxcloud partnered with Whatsapp Business can help.

Whatsapp Business and Voxcloud

Voxcloud and Whatsapp Business allow you to use your personal mobile phone or computer for all of your business telephony needs whilst keeping everything separate. No personal chats or personal mobile numbers anywhere near your business.

Ditch that second costly, dedicated business mobile phone and use one of our (virtual) mobile phone numbers to direct calls to your personal mobile without using your personal number. Set the hours you work and brand everything professionally, with names, logos and automated greeting / away messages. You can even add your own products into the “Catalog” with information, pictures and prices.

Easily sort, name and group messages to keep things organised. Pinning important messages so that they get the most attention. Create Quick Replies that can be saved and re-used, to cut down on typing.

Whatsapp have really made sure it works as you would expect it to work. Using Voxcloud’s telephony numbers and our own benefits, you can make sure you keep everything separate from your personal life whilst still remaining instantaneous to use.

Use the Best

With Whatsapp being the most-used mobile messaging application in the world, using it as your business messaging tool just makes sense. The trust and confidence is already there and everyone is already comfortable using it. With 2 billion users worldwide and the average user spending 40 minutes a day using the app, that is a lot of potential contact time for your business.

Respond Quickly

The growing trend of business enquiries and support moving away from voice communications is usually to avoid perceived lengthy wait times. To be able to quickly chat is sometimes preferable as it is less formal than an email and gives your customer a feeling like it would also be answered more quickly.

Social Media / Website Integration

You can integrate a “Send Message” or a “Quick Chat” function into your website or Facebook advert, quickly directing traffic straight to your business.

You can even create a QR code people can scan with their mobile phone to start a chat instantly – great for adding to social media posts and marketing.

Keep Control

Having your staff using personal mobile numbers has a whole host of problems associated with it, especially when staff leave as there is nothing you can do about that data or their phone number. You lose all of those vital connections. Voxcloud assigns a new (2nd) mobile number to each person and that number is controlled by you. If someone were to leave, you can re-assign that number to somebody else.

For extra analytics, you can use the Whatsapp Business API to analyse key metrics around your customers. Find out how and when are you getting the most messages and how to they being dealt with.

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