Softphone for Windows, Android & iOS

Get up and running Quickly & Easily with one of our Softphones

What is a Softphone?

A softphone is software that acts like a phone but runs on your PC or mobile device meaning you don‘t have to buy a desk phone.

If you use a mobile device with a softphone you can be out and about and still make and receive business calls just like you would in the office.

Why use a Softphone?

There are many reasons why people prefer softphones to desk phones, such as:

  • Desk Phones cost money, our Softphones are free to use
  • Desk Phones take time to deliver, mostly it‘s next day delivery, but sometimes the requirement is urgent
  • Softphones are quick to set up, download softphone, configure it, job done!
  • If you have a transient remote workforce you don‘t have to retrieve the phone when staff leave
  • Softphones allow you to work from home but look like you are in the office (without having to take your desk phone with you)
  • Softphones are ideal for Remote Workers or Short Term Remote Working
  • Softphones are ideal for workers who split their time between home and office
  • Businesses that have staff in several locations can use the "My Community" feature in our CTI Client to see who‘s currently free, on the phone or in DND. You can also track everyone‘s calls in real-time with our Telestat Call Logging Software
  • Softphones allow businesses that have staff in remote locations or working from home to look like they‘re still in the main office
  • Softphones allow remote workers who need to work as a team to easily transfer calls regardless of location as if they were sat next to each other
  • Softphones allow all calls to be recorded centrally for training, monitoring or compliance reasons
Whether you choose Softphone or a desk phone you will benefit from the following:
  • Great service and support from a wholly technical team, we have no sales people!
  • Ideal for Existing, Startup, Single Person or Multiple Person Businesses. The configuration is the same for all from our point of view, regardless of size
  • No contracts to sign
  • No extra phone lines required, this works over your existing internet service
  • 100% Scalable
  • UK based support
  • Low call rates
  • Unbeatable call quality
  • No usage restrictions, it's available 24x7
  • Per second billing
  • Keep your number(s) as you grow and convert them into a full blown office phone system (you already have your own full blown system with us anyway!)
  • Free Missed Call Alerts
  • Free Voicemail/Digital Answering Machine sent via email
  • Free Instant Number Divert
  • Free Online Call Records
  • Free Call Management Services
  • Great for disaster recovery
  • Same day set up
  • Call Recording (at a small additional cost)
  • Real-Time Leaderboard optionally available at an extra cost. See who in your business is making calls and when, regardless of location in an easy to view option

The Benefits of our Home/Office Telephone System

Fully Scalable

Voxcloud Hosted Phone System grows with your business, so you can expand at will.

Connect Multiple Offices

Connect onsite users, remote workers and multiple sites into the same phone system.

Easily Add or Remove Users

Voxcloud is designed to scale up or down with your staffing needs.

View & Download Call Data

To get a clear insight into your call data you can view and download statistics at the click of a button.

Safe, Secure & Reliable

We understand phones are the life blood of your business, so we protect our systems to ensure your service is always safe, secure and reliable.

Easily see which collegues are available/busy

Voxcloud phones can have lights on them or use the CTI Client to show who is free/busy.

Take control of your time

By using Do Not Disturb and Time of Day functions, you decide when your callers can contact you, you don't have to be on call 24x7 unless you want to be.

No Travelling

If you are a home worker, no more traffic jams, save on fuel and stress.

Lightning Quick & Easy Setup

Simple configuration gets you operational within minutes.


We are a friendly, responsive and technically lead business.

100% Satisfaction

At Voxcloud we offer a great service at a great price, most of our business is by referral and we have a very high customer retention, with no contracts we have to be good because people can leave with no notice.

Support Included - No Hidden Extras

All our staff are friendly and technical, so call or email if you need help or assistance.

No Contracts to Sign

With Voxcloud you won't get tied into a contract, so you are free to leave whenever you wish, there is zero risk so give us a try.

Simple Pricing

No hidden extras and no surprises.

Web based client area

Access your account from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, view call record and set phone options.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Using a cloud based server uses significantly less power than an onsite phone system, helping to reduce the cost even more.

Cloud Infrastructure

No need for expensive onsite equipment, everything is hosted in the cloud.