Hosted Dialler

Web based predictive dialler, hosted in the cloud

Voxcloud Contact Centre is a web based predictive dialler hosted in the cloud using our robust UK wide IP network as its backbone.

Voxcloud's hosted dialler is designed to make large amounts of phone calls. It will only connect your agents with successfully answered phone calls which drastically reduces the time your agents spend manually dialling, listening to ring tones or voicemails. Built in software filters your data to allow agents to efficiently speak to as many customers as possible, increasing their talk time.

predictive dialler phone numbers
hosted predictive dialler productivity graph

Why use Voxcloud Hosted Dialler?

Voxcloud hosted dialler is 100% scalable, quick to provision and cost effective. It is a more affordable solution for call centres when compared to other diallers on the market, and benefits from no license fees or per agent seat charges.

There is also no expensive hardware or maintenance contracts to buy because it's all maintained and supported by Voxcloud, who are experts in cloud technology.

  • Increase agents talk time from 15 to 45 minutes per hour
  • Saves time & money
  • Fast, easy deployment
  • Flexible & scalable
  • Low cost calls
  • Unlimited number of campaigns

Who benefits from a Hosted Dialler?

Sales Agents

Spend more time talking and less time dialling, leading to more sales. Talking to prospects rather than listening to continuous dialling tones will boost sales agent morale.

Dialler Managers

Using Voxcloud Contact Centre allows you to gain great insight into call statistics and data performance to better direct your campaign strategy.

Sales Managers

Get a real time insight into agent performance so you can deliver better campaign results.

Business Owners

Get greater visibility of team performances, allowing you more time to work on your business, not in it.

The Benefits Of Hosted Cloud Dialler

Fully Scalable

Unlimited users can connect to our hosted dialler.

Web Based Client Area

Access your account from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Easily Add or Remove Users

Voxcloud is designed to scale up or down with your staffing needs.

Simple Pricing

Only pay for what you need and no more.


View and download reports to help towards Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Schedule Callbacks

Easily set callbacks when its convenient for your customers

Support & Helpdesk

Raise support tickets for helpful advice or assistance on configuring your services

Cloud Infrastructure

No need for expensive onsite equipment, everything is hosted in the cloud.

Why is Voxcloud the Best Hosted Dialler?


Voxcloud knows what it takes to build and deliver a scalable, reliable VoIP and hosted dialler service. All our staff are highly trained in SIP and VoIP technologies.


Voxlcoud have created and developed a range of VoIP technologies that are used by businesses of all sizes. We want you to be confident in your decision to use our services which is why every product has been developed to the highest standards.


Voxcloud's IP network is privately owned and locally managed across multiple UK based data centres. We interconnect with leading Tier 1 network carriers to ensure our VoIP and Hosted Dialler service is reliable, always available and provides crystal clear speech.


When you need help, you can rest assured that one of our highly trained support technicians is on hand to offer practical help and advice. Support is free and included within our monthly hosting fee.